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A Salty Sailor staple! Our most concentrated scent blends in a stunning frosted glass roller bottle!

Available in all of our Salty Sailor Signature Scent Blends & perfect to take on the go! 🙌🏻

Each of our elegant & enchanting roll-on scents are carefully crafted using the highest quality essential & natural oils to bring your favorite Salty Sailor scents with lasting all day sweetness! 💙

For an added bonus, mix & match your Salty Sailor scents to create your own magical blend!

🌸Notting Hill, an intoxicating scent that will instantly make you feel like you are in one of the most chic London neighborhoods. A house blend of blushing Arabian Jasmine Blossoms, cozy freshly ground Cloves & warm White Sandalwood

 🥃Prohibition, our house blend that is a truly unisex scent & one that will intoxicate you, all while reminding you of a smooth cocktail! A custom blend of cozy Pink Pepper, deep Neroli, smooth aged Rum, smoked Vanilla Beans surrounded by the intoxicating warmth of smokey Tobacco Leaf & worn Leather

👙🏝️Rio Beaches our custom Salty Sailor blend that is our version of the iconic Bum Bum Cream Scent. A decadent, alluring blend of nutty Pistachio, buttery Caramel, creamy Coconut milk & freshly whipped Sweet Cream

 🌸Laila, our newest Salty Sailor Signature Blend inspired by the lush tropical paradise of Saint Lucia! Fresh bright Wild Flowers, soothing Lavender, salty Ocean Mist, sweet sliced Watermelon & crisp mountain air from the Pitons

💙Cashmere Cream, our signature blend of warm Cashmere Musk, sweet Vanilla Beans, fluffy Whipped Cream & just a hint of soft Woods

🍎Honeyed Apple Champagne, our signature blend of freshly popped bubbly Champagne, fresh picked Apples, juicy sweet Anju Pears & a hint of sun ripened Wild Berries

 🌊Ocean Goddess, a blend of juicy Tangerines, wild Red Berries with dewy notes of fresh picked Tulips, fresh Waterlilies & sunkissed Honeysuckle Blossoms, completed with Salty Sea Air

🧜🏽‍♀️Saltwater Mermaid, our tantalizing blend of crisp Fresh Water, salty Ocean Mist, sunkissed Sea Grass, sweet Agave Nectar & creamy Coconut Milk

🌙Moonlit Lavender, our custom blend of serene English Lavender Blossoms nestled among cozy White Cashmere & alluring night-blooming Moonflowers

🏝Waikiki Beach, an upscale beachy scent that will transport you to the most luxurious of resort in the tropics! A custom blend of fresh bright Citruses, sweet juicy Pineapples, crisp fresh Raindrops & creamy Coconut Milk

☀️Loving Sunshine (my all time favorite scent blend🙌🏻), a customer favorite for a reason, decadent Blood Orange Blossoms, Salty Sea Waves & freshly blossomed Sea Lily Flowers

🩵🧂Salt., our house blend that is an invigorating & fresh scent that instantly transports you to the seaside! It opens with a burst of mineral-rich rock salt that immediately conjures up the crispness of sea air. As it settles, the salty sea mist comes to life, adding a refreshing layer. Add in sunkissed warm beach cotton, reminding you of the feeling of the sand between your toes

✨Bare Skin, our brand new custom blend that is both delicate, sultry & airy! It celebrates the purity & sensuality of bare skin, but leaves you wanting more! Luminescent Musk, vibrant Bergamont, soft Jasmine Blossoms, delicate Cyclamen, soothing Italian Neroli, grounding Australian Sandalwood & a hint Ivory Woods

🌺Lei’d, our blend that IS a day on the beach! This blend screams hot girl summer & is my newest obession! If you have ever smelled the boutique perfume Inis, Energy of the Sea, this is the Salty Sailor version! Notes of fresh ocean air, bright summer citrus drifting in the wind picking up whispers of soft lily of the valley & sweet geranium before mingling with warm driftwood, sunkissed sands & a hint of salty air. To me, this is a warm 80 degree day at the beach, with the warmth of the sand and the summer glow on your skin providing a grounded, depth that differentiates this from other “beachy ocean” blends.

☀️🫶Hot Girl Summer, the perfectly balanced summer scent, that perfectly blends two of our most loved scents! A decadent, alluring blend of nutty Pistachio, buttery Caramel, creamy Coconut milk, freshly whipped Sweet Cream, warm Cashmere Musk, tantalizing Vanilla Beans & just a hint of soft Woods

 🌹Narcissist, our house blend of seductive warm, woodsy Egyptian musk, enchanting patchouli spiced with the subtle sweetness of toasted cinnamon, sparkling orange blossom, sunkissed peaches, sweet juicy raspberries, soft soothing sandalwood, soft English Tuberose & hints of spicy anise

🐚Gossip Pearl, an enchanting blend of bright sparkling citrus, wild blushing peony flowers floating effortlessly above a bed of crisp apple blossoms & rooted in soft Atlas cedar-wood 

✨Eras, our enchanting house blend that is bold, commanding & just plain addictive (plus it’s definitely one of those scents you smell & immediately feel your inner Taylor come out😉) Race through fresh Eucalyptus leaves & sweet Lily of the Valley blossoms, with hints of green Mossy trees & seductive Violet leaf perfectly blended with soothing white Woods, grounding Sandalwood & delicate cashmere

🩷🫶🏼Lover, our 2nd Taylor inspired scent blend that is the embodiment of all things love & maybe just a hint of fall😉 Immerse yourself in a crisp fall afternoon, with all of the outdoor splendor as you walk through sunkissed rows of freshly-picked Honeycrisp apples, woodsy cozy Amber, grounded soothing Patchouli, all under the shelter of warm green ancient Oak Trees

⚜️Fleur Vanille, a modern, yet old world opulent blend of creamy Tonka Beans, smoked Vanilla Pods, deep rich Cocoa, accords of sweet Dried Fruits, dew kissed Tobacco Blossoms, spicy Ginger, calming Cedarwood & soothing Sandalwood
Our Taylor inspired blend that is the ultimate show stopper! Formulated to be our Salty interpretation of the current scent blend from Tom Ford that Taylor wears before every show on the Era’s Tour & has worn since her 1989 album debuted! 🤩
This blend transforms when applied as a body spray, bringing a completely unique scent to each wearer. It is truly intoxicating! 🩷

🍁Sweater Weather, our customer favorite blend of late of fresh earthy Greens, crisp crushed Mint, sweet Macintosh Apples, juicy Peaches, blushing Jasmine Blossoms, alluring Oak Moss & topped with delicately creamy Cashmere
🎃Basic AF is scented in Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice, our custom blend of tart red Cranberries accented by savory mouthwatering
Pumpkin Spice & topped off with rich Vanilla Bean
🏈🍁Friday Night Lights, our football stars custom blend of worn leather, suede, rosewood & touched with a hint of aged books. Perfectly blended with African marigold, bergamot & buchu that give a powerful hold to notes of cyclamen & violet before celebrating with a base of Moroccan cedarwood & vetiver
🦩Malibu, our custom blend that instantly transports you to sipping a Lychee Champagne Cocktail under soft Cotton Candy skies as notes of fresh Coastal Rose, wild Jasmine Blossoms & bright Bergamot surround you before setting with delicate White Musk, soothing Cedar, Sandalwood & Amber
👠It Girl, our Salty Sailor signature scent inspired by the iconic Baccarat Rouge 540 perfume! Indulge in an enticing aroma of warm sun soaked jasmine blossoms, sultry, yet spicy black saffron with a breeze of exotic Australian cedar & soothing ambergris
❄️Snow Cream, our custom blend of rich vanilla, deep molten amber, soothing sandalwood, coconut cream & a kiss of salted caramel harmonize beautifully with tonka, and just a hint of exotic cashmere

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I’ve been so impressed with everything we have tried so far!!! Bath bombs, leave in conditioner, shampoo and conditioner, lip balms... can’t wait to try more!

Megan Hohman

I love everything I've ordered! The lotions smell amazing and make my skin so soft. The lips balms have yummy flavors and keep my lips moisturized longer than regular chapstick. The leave in conditioner has been so good for my frizzy hair. Sara is quick to respond to questions and everything ships promptly. Highly recommend!!

Kristin DePietro Chacon

Love, love, love these products! Everything smells wonderful and leaves my skin feeling amazing! The bath bombs are beautiful, the lip scrub is amazing, and the lotion bars are a game changer.

Kristen Reimers

Unnecessary ingredients and synthetic dyes? We'd rather walk the plank! At the Salty Sailor Apothecary you'd never have to worry about skin irritation and bathtub stains.


The Salty Sailor only creates in small batches so your products get the utmost care and attention to detail.

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